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Rauw Alejandro and Daddy Yankee Make ‘Panties y Brasieres’

Rauw Alejandro is not done sharing music from his album Saturno quite yet. On Thursday, the Puerto Rican star dropped “Panties y Brasieres,” a new collaboration with reggaeton legend Daddy Yankee that replaces the mysterious “Track 7” from his LP.

The song is a reference to the bras and panties that fans send flying onstage at Rauw’s shows. A lot of listeners have wondered about the track since it was originally released on Saturno as a 19-second clip that repeated the word “loading” over and over again.

Rauw finally unveiled the surprise when he premiered the song at Puerto Rico’s Fiestas de la Calle de San Sebastián. “Panties y Brasieres” opens with some aggressive bars from Yankee as he raps about how fans react to seeing him and Rauw: “The girls get loose when they see Rauw with Yankee/The bras and panties rain/Tell me when and I’ll look for the Ducati/So they can get Perry like Katy,” he raps, referencing his “Con Calma” collaborator Katy Perry. Yankee adds some fiery ad-libs to Rauw’s smooth verses, repeating the refrain from his 2005 classic “Rompe.” The song also samples Yankee’s 1996 track “Camuflash,” which Yankee refers to several times on the track.

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