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NEW Single YOGAMBII “Solteras y Bandidos”

YOGAMBII** releases his new single “Solteras y Bandidos,” the perfect song to get the weekend started and get you moving all night long. It’s his most upbeat performance yet, a fun track with guitar, horns, and a catchy hook which will surely make his fans dance.

YOGAMBII, as unapologetic as ever, speaks about partying surrounded by beautiful single women: “La buena vida, las solteras y los bandidos con las manos en el aire” (The good life, single women and bandits with their hands up in the air), he fiercely sings. The song kicks off with acoustic sounds and immediately turns into a fired-up reggaeton track, a beat that will have you dancing nonstop.

YOGAMBII’s flow is impeccable as he delivers each verse with ease and power. “Solteras y Bandidos” has all the elements to be the perfect party anthem, a track you’ll want to request from the DJ at a nightclub and each party you attend.

With each release, YOGAMBII demonstrates his ability to take his music anywhere he wants. Since his first release, “Por La Plata,” YOGAMBII has shown us how uninhibited he is when it comes to experimenting. He has explored a whole palette of sounds and verses from songs like “La Tierra de Pablito” to “Shorty,” or “Nadie La Mantiene,” and now “Solteras y Bandidos.”

This versatile and charismatic artist keeps cementing his path to becoming one of the genre’s most exciting and promising artists for years to come.

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