ChocQuibTown unveils their new song “Los del vacile”

Miami, Florida | November 3 rd , 2022| ChocQuibTown, Colombia’s Pacific most
emblematic group, and its members Goyo, Slow, and Tostao, present their most
recent song “Los del vacile,” a song that contains all of the musical elements
that have defined this trio’s musical career and is now available on all digital
“Los del vacile” comes after the success of the songs “Bitcoin”, “Jaguayuken”
with Maffio and “Montaña Solitaria” with Carlos Vives.
“Los del vacile” is a song that very well represents the vibe of this Latin
Grammy-winning group. ChocQuibTown has it all: innovative fusions,
experienced singers, contagious rhythms, and an easily identifiable purpose in
each of its lyrics, and that is the support of its Afro-Latino community.
Their new song is an undeniable fusion of urban sounds, with its characteristic
Afrobeat and the unparalleled “flow” that each of its members’ voices prints in
each phrase, with the sole purpose of making their fans dance to their rhythm.
“It’s a song to enjoy and dance to… It has a unique sound with a lot of
rhythms. “It’s a very entertaining song that captures a lot of who we are
and what has defined us as a group since our beginnings,” Tostao said.
“Los del vacile” debuts with a very special, emotional, and significant music
video, which was recorded during CQT’s live presentation at the Petronio
Alvarez Festival on August 14th, 2022, in front of over 50 thousand people in
the Unidad Deportiva Alberto Galindo park, a tribute to the power of Afro-Latino
voices, music, and culture.

Images of the three singers are interspersed on stage, with backstage
situations, rehearsals, and their daily lives in the audiovisual directed by Squid,
which is now available for streaming on all digital platforms.

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