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The talented Puerto Rican artist CHESCA has made another long-lasting mark on the Latin urban scene with “ACTIVA,” a new hot song in collaboration with two of the most notable names of this new generation of latin artists, CORINA SMITH and VILLANO ANTILLANO.

“ACTIVA” is one of CHESCA’s most powerful collaborations to date and is an empowering song about having a good time on their terms, a trio of women owning their sexiness, and who can’t be beat!

CHESCA, CORINA, and VILLANO bring us lyrics that talk about self-power, owning yourself, your place, your body, and your sexuality. The element of empowerment that is inherently present throughout the song is precisely what makes this musical collaboration so great.

Always in command of her artistic destiny, CHESCA is slowly but surely making a career out of defying expectations and working with all the right people that enhance her artistic creativity.

CORINA SMITH and VILLANO ANTILLANO are also joining CHESCA on this track. CORINA SMITH is one of the first female artists of the urban pop genre in her home country of Venezuela, who has reached millions of streams with her music. VILLANO ANTILLANO is the first prominent trans artist in Latin rap, one of the most compelling names in the Puerto Rican and Latin American new Urbano scene who has opened a path of visibility for the queer community in Latin America.

An official video accompanies the song with plenty of style, power, and flow. CHESCA firmly cements her superstar status with every new song, and “ACTIVA” is one more step toward her destiny.

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